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WSET eBook app

WSET eBooks now available

WSET study materials in English are now available as eBooks.

Traditional paper books are of course still available as well. So when you book a WSET course on our website, at checkout you will be able to choose between the two formats.

Based on the most advanced technological platform available, WSET eBooks can be marked, underlined and annotated just like a paper book.

WSET online exams are now available

Students taking all WSET Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Wines, Spirits and Sake now can choose between taking their exam in the traditional classroom paper format or from their own home through the new Remote Invigilation technology.

This is a huge advancement which will make life easier for many candidates, and we are currently developing an examination schedule to accommodate the needs of as many people as possible.

WSET Wine Spirit Education Trust

A New Logo for WSET

The new WSET logo is going live today, 1 October 2015. After over ten years, the familiar oval has been redesigned to keep up with evolving tastes and - especially - to make it more suitable to be used with digital media.

While modern and fresh, the new logo retains the familiar oval shape with the stylized Ariadne figure. Over the next few months all old logos will be replaced with the new one. At Accademiavino we have already renewed our website masthead and will be replacing all other occourrences of of the logo within weeks.

WSET Level 3 Certificates

Here they are! The Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 3 Advanced certificates and lapel pins for the stundents on the Milano Wine Academy November 2014 course are in from London.

Excellent results for everyone: out of 11 awards, 8 with Distinction and 3 with Merit. A great push for all those who will progress even further in their WSET studies.