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WSET Diploma-Level Tasting Practice

Tasting practice sessions designed for WSET Diploma students but also open to anyone interested in developing high-level tasting skills.

Level 4 Diploma is the highest qualification offered by WSET. This is a very demanding course of studies designed to develop the in-depth knowledge and expert skills of top-level wine professionals and highly competent and advanced enthusiasts. It is also universally regarded as the stepping stone for people wishing to embark on a Master of Wine programme.

Because of the amount of time involved, online study is a particularly popular choice for this qualification. While online tutors make sure that distance students have exactly the same chances to achieve the required level of specialist knowledge as those who are able to attend classroom courses, the extensive tasting practice required can be particularly challenging – and expensive.

So, while we currently do not offer formal Level 4 classes, we have decided to facilitate WSET Diploma students with a series of practice tasting sessions.

Practice tasting sessions are studied to give participants a chance to improve their understanding of grape varieties, wine-producing regions and quality levels in a way that will also make examinations less intimidating.

During each 3-hour session we taste nine wines, divided into three sets, each one with a common theme similar to those normally presented in examinations.

All sessions are led by a WSET Diploma graduate and Certified educator. For maximum learning effectiveness, tastings are totally blind, with notes compared and discussed immediately after each set.

While designed mainly for Diploma students, tasting sessions are open to anyone interested in developing high-level tasting skills and can be very beneficial even for Master of Wine candidates. In keeping with the AccademiaVino style, the atmosphere is always relaxed and informal. So they are also unique networking opportunities for meeting people with similar personal and professional interests in the world of wine.

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Sunday, 23 April, 2017 - 10:00 to 13:00