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Spirits and More

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AccademiaVino Week 1 to 7 February

With the many inputs from the intense WSET Global APP Summit acquired and ready to deploy their innovative potential over the coming months, this week the highlight is on spirits. After several months, Wednesday we will be on air with a WSET Level 1 Spirits course, a concentrated one-day introduction that offers everyone – beginners and professionals – a solid foundation for the development of their spirits knowledge. And it is a happy coincidence that it should be right after the Summit considering the exciting developments coming to the Spirits education stream within WSET.

But this does not mean we will neglect our core business in wine education. On Thursday we are back with a WSET Level 1 in Wines with participants connected from all over Italy. And on Saturday we will move on to WSET Level 2 Wines with the second of three days of the course started on 30 January.

Particularly intense this week also the activity on our Italian wine courses side. Monday at 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm and Wednesday at 9:00 we will have the fourth lesson of our introductory wine course. After exploring the vineyard's complexity last week, we now go into the cellar to examine winemaking options and their effect on the wine that ends up in our glass. Additionally, to accommodate people on the waitlist, we have organised a special edition of the introductory wine course. The first two sessions will be on Tuesday and Thursday this week, and the remaining three on February 9th, 11th and 12th. Like the weekend course we just finished, this also will be taught online from our Rome school.