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Tasting Wine Online Is Now Possible

MignonVino Wine Tasting

MignonVino™ is the new solution to the one big challenge which has so far limited the use of online wine courses: tasting. With our breakthrough method, distance tasting can now be just as accurate and valuable as during an in-person class. Not close to, exactly the same experience a physical classroom tutor-led tasting. 

We all know that online courses are great. These days, you can study just about any subject without moving from your home. And wine is no exception: there are some fantastically successful wine courses out there, like the WSET online courses - from Level 1 all the way to Diploma. 

Unfortunately, studying wine online comes with one big huge challenge: tasting. For all the assistance online tutors can give, there is no equivalent to tasting the same wine, from the same bottle, at the same time with your teacher and classmates. And you can never do that on an online course, right? 

Wrong! Now you can. Enter the new MignonVino by AccademiaVino. Through our exclusive process, you can now taste at home the very same wine that your teacher and online classmates are tasting. And that does not mean the same type of wine, it means the exact same wine, poured out from the same bottle.

Does that sound like some kind of science fiction dream? In reality, like most successful ideas, it is quite simple - once you know it.

Here is how it works. A couple of weeks before your live webinar course starts, we split out each bottle of wine into 40 ml mignon glass bottles (20 ml for spirits). Every part of the operation is conducted in a totally anaerobic environment. That is, the wine never comes in contact with oxygen. This patent-pending process ensures that every wine will remain just as fresh as when it first came out of the bottle for at least several months. 

Each mignon bottle is then sealed and clearly labelled with reference to the lesson during which it will be tasted in the course. We then pack the full series of samples together with a set of six ISO tasting glasses - the same we would give you at the start of a physical classroom course. The whole kit is finally sent out to you by express courier.  

We keep one set of small bottles back. So when the online class day comes, the teacher will be using samples coming from the same bottle as the students, transferred at the exact same time.

Finally, because the bottles are marked only with session and wine numbers, we can do blind tastings when this is appropriate, even during a distance course. 

MignonVino is a real game-changer like you would expect from a school whose innovative spirit has been recognized by WSET with the 2019 Educator of the Year award.

Please note that free shipping of samples is available only in Italy. If you live in a European country we may be able to send samples for a variable additional cost depending on the country, so please contact us for a quote before registering. We regret that currently we are unable to ship samples outside of Europe.

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