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WSET Level 3 in Wines, the Professional's Choice

WSET Level 3 in Wines, the Professional's Choice

During the academic year ended on 31 July 2016, WSET Level 3 in Wines and Spirits was our most successful qualification. Between Milan and Rome, we ran an unprecedented total of eight courses.

Besides the traditional full-week intensive programme, with classes concentrated in a five-day burst starting on Monday morning and finishing Friday evening, in July we offered - for the first time ever - a course with classes spread over five consecutive Saturdays.

This proved to be very popular not only - as we expected - with Milan residents, but also with students who every Saturday woke up at the crack of dawn and braved a two- or even three-hour train journey before showing up on time for the 9:30 start.

Five-day block courses, on the other hand, attracted a broad range of students who preferred to set aside a full week to go through with the course, either because it suited their work schedule better or because they came from outside Italy - as far away as Bulgaria, Ireland, Finland, Russia, and New York!

New Courses, More Opportunities

As part of the continuing commitment to quality, WSET periodically revise and update qualification programmes and textbooks. So, starting from September 2016 we will be offering the updated Level 3 in Wines qualification, an exciting development which keeps WSET at the forefront of wine education.

New courses will run over six days: five full days of tuition plus, on the sixth, the three-hour examination only. Holding the examination on a separate day was a frequent request and we are very confident that the new format will make many students happier.

On the strength of last year’s experience, we are almost doubling the course schedule, with no less than 15 courses between September 2016 and July 2017. At least three courses will be held in Rome. Of the 12 scheduled in our main Milan venue, five will run over six Saturdays, while the remaining seven will be in the intensive six-day format, with classes from Monday to Friday and examination on Saturday morning.

Check out the full Level 3 course schedule here.

Professional Distance Learning

Despite the extensive offering of classroom courses, we realize that for many people it may be just not possible to take a full week off work or to travel to Milan every week for six Saturdays. So, after the positive experience with Level 2 last year, this year we are also offering Level 3 online courses.

The teaching for these courses is handled directly by very experienced WSET London tutors through a state-of-the-art platform that allows students to organize their study time as they wish while ensuring a thorough coverage of the programme. As tasting skills are such an important part of Level 3, online students are expected to attend a one-day special tasting tutorial in Milan. Examinations must also be taken by physical attendance like those for classroom courses.