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Finding the perfect match


Wine and foodNo mystery, no complicated rules: once you are familiar with a few basic principles, you will never again be afraid of choosing the wrong wine for your food. During this fun and informative event we will explore how the basic tastes in food - acidity, salt, sweetness and umami - impact the wines we drink.

During the event, which will be conducted in Italian and English, we will taste three specially-selected top quality wines and experience how they change depending on the food pairing.

AccademiaVino is WSET primary partner for the 2019 Wine Education Week. This launch tasting will start at exactly 6 p.m. all around the world, with extensive social media cover to create the biggest round-the-clock wine event ever staged.

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Price€ 15.00
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  • Monday, 09 Sep 2019 - 18.00 to 19.30