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Why You Should Take a WSET Course With AccademiaVino

Why You Should Take a WSET Course With AccademiaVino

An introduction to WSET courses

Unsure about which wine course to take? A WSET course by AccademiaVino is the answer. Find out why and which qualification level is right for you, then book your course today.

Are you wondering which wine course is right for you? Then you are in the perfect place. Watch this video and find out why you should be taking a W S E T course with AccademiaVino and which qualification to choose.

Hi and welcome, I'm Flavio Grassi, founder of AccademiaVino, the most prominent W S E T approved program provider in Italy, delivering courses in Milan, Rome, and other locations throughout the country.

So, why take an AccademiaVino WSET course? Simply because W S E T is the benchmark for wine education around the world. Once you get a WSET qualification, anybody, anywhere will instantly know you are serious about wine.

The reason for that is simple: when you take a W S E T course with AccademiaVino you get a lot more than factual knowledge: you develop skills. Skills that will help you retain, apply and keep that knowledge up to date for the rest of your life.

Every AccademiaVino WSET course is built around two principles: an international approach and the precise focus on the most relevant wine styles and regions, with growing depth and breadth of knowledge and skills at each level.

The Level 1 Award in Wines is perfect if you are an absolute beginner. It gives you a general introduction to the major types and styles of wine as well as an understanding of how wines are made and basic skills in wine tasting and food and wine pairing.

Level 2 gives you an understanding of the principal grape varieties and regions, and the skills to confidently describe the main styles of wine. You don't need to take Level 1 first, but you do need to study at home before coming to the classroom.

Level 3 is a huge jump from Level 2. This is an advanced qualification and requires - at a minimum - a good 100 hours of private study besides the 30 hours of classroom time. Taking Level 2 first is not formally required, but strongly suggested.

What you get is a detailed knowledge of wine styles and worldwide wine regions, an understanding of production factors and options and their effect on style, precise tasting skills and the ability to judge quality and aging potential.

But most of all, Level 3 gives you - and requires for passing the exam - the ability to APPLY the knowledge and explain reasons for things: why are certain grapes grown in some places and not others? Why does a wine taste the way it does?

So this is your general overview of AccademiavVno W S E T wine qualifications.

See you soon on one of our courses!