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Marina Olwen Fogarty

DipWSET - Educator

Marina, a WSET certified Educator, is half Italian and half English. Teaching about wine combines her passion for books and research (she holds a degree in philosophy) along with her job as sales manager for her family’s winery, which takes her around the world in different markets. Being born in a family with a long tradition, Marina has been naturally familiar with everything involved in winemaking since very small. As a child she would play hide and seek behind barrels, demijohns or inside empty fermentation vats; as a teenager her summer holiday duties always involved the vineyards, the cellar or even wine related bureaucracy. So it is not surprising that even before earning her WSET Diploma she already had a very clear idea of what happens when it comes to making wine and selling it. One of her favourite topics is, of course, the philosophy of wine.