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Flavio Grassi

Flavio Grassi

DipWSET - Director and Educator

Holder or a WSET Level 4 Diploma, Flavio is a WSET Certified Educator.

A professional journalist, member of FIJEV (International Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers), with a solid marketing and business management background, he founded AccademiaVino while he was a managing editor and chief wine taster of Italy’s leading wine monthly Il Mio Vino, which he had joined in 2005 to set up a specialized edition targeted to wine trade professionals, before moving on to other special projects, which included creating and managing the first ever Chinese monthly dedicated to Italian wines. The tasting room of Il Mio Vino was in fact the first venue for the introductory courses which he designed, and his colleagues the first students to attend them.

After completing his WSET Certified Educator training, Flavio developed his wine education activity into a full-time business and added WSET qualifications to his original and enormously successful Italian courses. All WSET and AccademiaVino exclusive courses are now delivered in the purpose-built classrooms in AccademiaVino's head office in central Milan as well as in various locations around Italy.