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Quality Policy

ACCADEMIAVINO SRL is committed to a continuous process aimed at achieving ever higher quality objectives. For this reason, we have sought and renewed our certification of conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. ACCADEMIAVINO SRL's Quality Policy is expressed in the following commitments:


Our company's primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers' needs, and we are dedicated to constantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our work. 

We identify and continuously monitor customer needs/expectations with keen sensitivity and attention to the cultural and operational advancements specific to our activity through the attainment of contractually established objectives.


The personal fulfillment of our workers is the other primary goal of our work organization. This element is considered indispensable for achieving our company's maximum productivity.


Safety, not only understood as the preservation of physical and personal health but also and above all as a priority prevention of risk, in all its aspects, on an individual as well as collective level, represents an objective to pursue relentlessly, without savings or compromises. 

Furthermore, we will constantly follow a training and updating program for the company management and employees with responsibility roles regarding compliance with workplace safety regulations.


Work activities must be compensated by fair tariffs for our customers. 

This implies that:

- All corporate costs must be incurred to achieve tangible improvements in training courses, quantifiable and directly perceived by customers;
- The prices practiced must reflect the costs incurred and to be incurred in view of:
    - Transparency towards customers,
    - Fair remuneration of the work of the property and staff,
    - Adequate management surplus for the company's development.

To properly ensure the implementation of the Quality Policy, ACCADEMIAVINO Srl also commits to:

- Monitor the activities that affect the quality of services, collecting and analyzing data that allows us to define and implement appropriate preventive actions aimed at eliminating the causes of potential non-compliance;
- Plan, define, schedule, and implement training and educational moments for staff on knowledge and application of the laws regulating activities, to enhance their professional skills;
- Plan and implement meetings with all staff to improve their quality culture level, as well as to maximize the knowledge level of the Quality System implemented in the company;
- Enhance everyone's skills;
- Constantly update how we satisfy customer needs and define the specifications of our processes to constantly follow their evolution;
- Operate in full compliance with contractual conditions, as well as current regulations and legislation, in particular relating to workplace safety;
- Know customer needs and perceive their expectations in advance, thus creating, through the most appropriate product specifications, the prerequisites for their full satisfaction;
- Utilize, as external service providers, collaborators with adequate equipment and technical capacity, providing them with the maximum information on work execution methods, distributing where necessary appropriate operational instructions and constantly controlling their work;

All personnel operating within the company have the task of:

- Maintaining the necessary conditions to always produce with a high-quality standard;
- Correctly applying procedures and instructions for the execution and control of activities;
- Capitalizing on what is learned from training programs, in such a way as to increase their own knowledge base and competently face the responsibilities connected with the carrying out of activities;
- Ensuring complete compliance with laws and regulations.

The General Management of AccademiaVino SRL firmly believes that the pursuit of this policy brings concrete advantages to both the company and customers, to such an extent that it leads to the satisfaction of both parties.

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